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Meeshka Lookbook “Almika” @meeshkajewellery
Photographer: David Hauserman @davidhauserman
Muse Annalise McLachlan
HMUA Ashlea Penfold @ashleapenfold
Stylist Marisa Sidoti @MarisaSidoti
All jewellery by Meeshka 
Clothes by She Made Me, Lovebird Collective and Rowie 

The last image was found on Google, photographer unknown

Owning my own label, I tend not to own any jewellery that’s not either by my own label or super rare vintage, but in the past 5 years the only other piece of jewellery I’ve acquired that wasn’t Spell or vintage was by Meeshka. It’s intricate, and hand made, and tribal and rare. Mish’s latest collection is infused with influences of ancient tribal adornment, and each piece carries a celestial namesake in various languages from around the globe. Made from brass and sterling silver and threaded with afghan stones, turquoise and heishi shells, they’re the kind of pieces that you wear in their own perfect simplicity and intricacy. Divine. And worn here perfectly by ‘she of the Sun’ muse Annalise McLachlan, no stranger to a piece of divine jewellery ; )