We are trying to be as local as possible and walk a little lighter on the Earth, even when we’re travelling. It can be super hard – but there a small ways that can make a big difference to travelling.

Some of our tips:

Bring your own travel water bottle wherever you go, and fill it up before you leave your accomodation so you don’t have to buy a plastic water bottle

Take a reusable shopping bag or two in your handbag so you don’t have to use plastic or even paper bags that will just go in the bin when you leave while doing groceries or even fashion shopping

Try to ride share, bike or walk to places!

Do a beach cleanup! We love the Take Three For The Sea motto and try to do this even when we’re across the globe

Eat local if you can, by visiting local markets

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We mentioned in our WHAT TO DO part of the Santa Monica guide that we love to go for a ride along The Strand, which is so, so beautiful and a more eco way of seeing the coastline than driving (and getting some fresh air and exercise while travelling is always a plus!) but another part is trying to visit local markets.

We like to try and gather healthy snacks and cook if we can while travelling so the Santa Monica Farmers Markets are the place to go; taking place every weekend on Pico Boulevard, Main Street and Downtown Santa Monica. The markets create thriving, vibrant communities that are inclusive, connected and diverse by promoting the preservation of the agricultural arts, prosperity of California farmers and small food businesses and sustainable food systems. The markets are overflowing with colourful produce, really giving a quintessential slice of genuine Southern California life.

We also love to visit Flower Child in Santa Monica, our favourite healthy food place (check it out more on our WHERE TO EAT part of the guide) and.. did you know that the Ferris Wheel on the Pier is the ONLY Solar Powered Ferris Wheel on the planet?! Guilt free thrills!