Spelly's Summer Suitcase

I love to travel with my family, and travel for work, but would you believe until now I had never been to Europe? I have lost count on how many times I have travelled to the US, around to most corners of our beautiful Australia, but it wasn't until the borders shut in 2020 I had the biggest desire to get to Europe! Seeing all of the turquoise oceans of the Mediterranean and fruit stands of the Amalfi Coast on Instagram was just too much so it was time to make it happen! 
I set off with our Creative Design Manager Catherine and we started in Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast of Italy to gather design inspiration. Everything was so beautiful! The ocean, the street side stalls with fruit, scarves and handmade leather pieces. The food, the sights, the sounds - I was in heaven and it was everything I dreamt of!
We then headed to Paris where we did lots of vintage sourcing, shopping and also got to meet up with our longtime Byron friends Lisa and Jamie. Being in Paris for the first time was so overwhelming, I had dreamt of going there for a long time ( I lived out my Carrie Bradshaw fantasy!).
Then it was off to London to head to the vintage markets and fair, this was AMAZING, wait till you see some epic inspo we got for future collections.
After that, I went to Marrakech to be part of an amazing photo shoot for a very special collection launching next year. I loved Morocco - the colour, the buzz, the amazing desert, I can't wait to return!
Love, Spelly xx