From Paris To Puglia
You’ve been travelling all around the world for many years - tell us about how you start packing?

It is always a challenge depending on the length of trip and the different places I am going to - for example if I am going to Paris where it's cooler during certain months vs going to say Italy or Spain where it can be much warmer at the same time of year! I usually have to prioritise staples and also pieces from brands I am working with too - sometimes those items don't align with the weather, so I may have to throw over a big coat after shooting a look.

Do you do research to put together outfits or throw it together at the time?

I always have outfit ideas in my head but I also like to make it spontaneous on my mood for the day - but there is an element of you only have what is in your suitcase so you have to build it like a capsule - if you have a longer trip I really have to be strategic on making sure items are able to be styled and worn in different ways!

Do you plan the looks according to the location you’ll be?

Yes most definitely - when I am in Paris I definitely feel like I want to wear more sleek outfits, darker, cooler colours vs being bright and colourful if I was in Puglia or the south of France. I love to dress on the vibes of the place and it would feel so weird to me to rock out in a resort style outfit on the streets of Paris, haha! 

What are your weight/space saving tips for packing? 

For clothes, I think it is about finding a really good few pairs of shoes that go with everything because it takes up so much weight. I usually pack a couple of pairs of kitten heels, a sandal and a loafer, then I wear sneakers on the flight. Shoes definitely complete a look!

Which Spell style did you love wearing the most and why?

I LOVE the double denim, and thought that would be the favourite but I actually think it's the Pixie Gingham Wrap Top and Skirt! It's so cute and fun, perfect for Euro Summer!

Your travel beauty tip?

I always make sure to bring a water bottle everywhere to stay hydrated, because nothing messes with your skin more than not drinking water! I also always take my skin routine with me and my good quality shampoo and conditioner - these make such a difference to feeling fresh when travelling! And lastly I always take my favourite makeup products with me to complete my looks, a soft tan and blushing lips & cheeks = vaycay heaven!

Where to next, Lisa?!

We actually don't know - we are in the process of building a little farm style house in the Byron Hinterland so that is the focus for now. We had an amazing big stint in Paris last year, so this year we're focusing on our new home, landscaping and trying our best not to have FOMO over this Euro Summer! I'm sure this will keep us busy though and we're excited for a slow cosy Winter at home.