Ten Years Ago Down Memory Lane...

I’ve been feeling the gentle pull to open my keyboard and start blogging again (see my recent ‘How I Went From Being A Toriphile To A Swiftie’ post here). Kurt Cobain was once asked by a journalist what he loved most about being a rockstar. I was struck that it was the far less glamorous moments, well before Nirvana shot to fame, that were his golden memories - crashing on couches in share houses and jamming into the night. I’m not suggesting I have anything in common with Kurt (obviously!) but similarly, my fave part of having started a fashion label with my sister 15 years ago was definitely the less glamorous moments, in the early days, namely, doing the markets, and falling giddily down the rabbit hole that was the blogosphere.

I loved blogging. Our tumblr-style inspo mashups kept me up all night. Finding images, saving to file, resizing, getting the order just right. Finding the words. Re-blogging fave shoots (remember the ones by Free People, Planet Blue?), re-posting those delicious editorials by our fave mags. Creating our own campaigns and dropping them on launch day (oh the exhilaration when it would almost break the internet dropping it all on launch day!).

One such campaign, shot on location in Nashville by Graham Dunn and featuring Anja Konstantinova, introduced probably the boldest purple we’d ever dreamt up. Bohemian Royale. Once we released Bohemian Royale, the pieces took on a life of their own, especially on the festival circuit. Bohemian Royale was spotted out and about in the dusty gravel of Bluesfest, to the festivals in the States, on road trips to the desert - all tying back to the love of music - perfect after having been shot in the bohemian rocker themed home of Leah Hoffman who co-concepted the shoot with me.

Which brings us to today. As we’ve always been committed to holding on to excess fabric rather than sending to re-sell markets or to landfill we often find ourself with fabric we want to use in some creative way, but because Bohemian Royale has become such a unicorn, beloved by our community and lusted after by most in our team we have re-created the iconic styles that were most loved on its first release in 2014 (ten. years. ago!!!). 

We weren’t going to release them until later this year, holding out until that perfect unicorn moment but then Spelly and I got so excited about the upcoming festival season we made a snap decision last week (which sent our team into a major whirlwind, sorry guys!).

Utilising almost 6000 meters of deadstock material, our latest Renew (Unicorn Tears) collection brings back an iconic collection, Bohemian Royale ~ Renew launches tomorrow, Wednesday, March 27 at 10am AEDT / Tuesday, March 26 at 4pm PDT.

With love from Byron Bay,
Lizzy and Spelly.