Sara Toufali is a photographer, blogger, and interior decorator
based in Los Angeles.

With a passion for plants and cozy spaces, Sara runs her lifestyle blog Black & Blooms in addition to her online print shop and botanical-filled Instagram account. She loves to partner with sustainable, eco-friendly brands, and shares tips with her community on how to decrease waste at home. When it comes to interior decorating, her goal is to help fellow small space renters or anyone on a budget transform their home into a cozy, green-filled oasis through plant styling and clever design hacks!

You may have spotted Sara in Spell many times ~ in her dreamy abode, or by any beautiful lush green backdrop. We were welcomed in to Sara’s jungle {as per her door mat} to capture our WEA Intimates shoot with Nikki Reed last year. Now Sara share’s her story, style and plant tips and tricks…

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How do you spend most days? 

I wear quite a few hats, so every day is different – which I love! But most days you’ll find me at my desk in my home office. It’s where I upload and edit my photos, write blog posts, fulfil print shop orders, and do my interior decorating work for design clients. I also do quite a bit of product photography for different brands, so often times I’m styling and shooting scenes around the house.

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How would you describe your interior style? 

Bohemian – laid back California style with an emphasis on natural materials, neutral tones with fun pops of colour, and lots of plants!

We know you love adventuring! Where are you dreaming you could be?
Where’s your ideal spot to escape for a weekend, and what do you love about it? 

An escape to Ojai, California is good for the soul. Such a sweet town set in a valley in the Topatopa Mountains. Ojai is only 90 minutes northwest of Los Angeles but very different in terms of vibe. It’s much slower paced, with a beautiful small town feel. I love how walkable Ojai is, and the village center is filled with art galleries, parks, delish restaurants and pretty boutiques. You can rent bikes, relax in one of the many spas, go horseback riding, visit an orange grove, and more! Just the best, most relaxing California getaway. 

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You are the indoor plant queen! Do you have any insider tips and tricks to keeping your plants so lush and thriving?

Watering and lighting are SO important! If your plant looks sad, often times it has something to do with how much you’re watering it, and/or the amount of sunlight it gets in a day. All plants are different, so be sure to do your research and learn what your specific plant needs. You don’t want to put a pothos in direct sunlight, and you don’t want to put a succulent in a dark corner! As for watering, some plants like their soil to dry out completely before being watered again, and some plants (such as ferns) like their soil to always remain a bit moist. Once you know what your plant’s watering preferences are, stick your finger about 1 inch into the soil every week or so. If it feels dry, it’s probably time for a drink!

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We love that you use eco products around your home and in everyday life! What are your 5 go-to products?
– I hand my Pottery For the Planet travel mug to baristas when I visit coffee shops, to reduce paper/plastic cup waste
– I bring my S’well reusable water bottle with me wherever I go – no single use plastic water bottles!
– Eddie and I use Supernatural cleaning products around the house. They’re all-natural, made from sustainably sourced essential oils. They smell amazing and come in refillable glass bottles!
– Reusable organic cotton coffee filters in my Chemex instead of paper filters
– We ditched paper towels and napkins in our house, instead we use cloths and towels for any messes or spills Spell

Thank you Sara xx