Five Tips To Hosting At Home
Hosting at home is amongst one of our favourite things to do ~ gathering your closest friends for long lunches or intimate cocktail parties and transforming your space into an unforgettable experience. We asked India from @theindiaedit who helped style and plan our Series One: Spell Summer School event to share her top tips for creating a magical space that your loved ones will talk about for months to come...

1. Set the table 
Use a tablecloth, napkins, your favourite crockery, glassware, vases and dinner candles to make it feel special. We love writing menus and name places too.

2. Consider the lighting 
Create a relaxed mood with side lights, lamps and candles rather than overhead lighting.

3. Scent matters 
In advance of guests arriving, light some scented candles. We like to blow them out after drinks as sometimes they can be a bit overpowering with food.

4. Cool your drinks and prep your food 
Try to maximise your time with your guests by cooking things where most of the prep is done in advance so you're not stuck in the kitchen.

5. Curate a playlist 
Bring the vibe with a great playlist. We used *this* one for Spell's London event.