Vanessa Breuer



Tell us what has changed for you since we last visited your home in 2018?

I think I had just started working back then after I had the girls. I didn’t have that many regular clients but work got more and more hectic for me after I stopped breastfeeding Evie. It was hard the last few years balancing motherhood with work and travel without always feeling totally exhausted. The biggest change is that we started seeing Ibiza as our home. We always thought we would leave so we never really settled but just after Covid we decided this will be it for a little while. I actually really liked being stuck here for a bit and realising how beautiful we have it. The island has so much to offer and we never get bored. The biggest change of course is that I am pregnant with baby number three! It took me a looooooong time to convince Oddy. He was a stay at home dad for eight years and had just started working in 2021 and really wanted to focus on that again and become more independent - which I totally understood, but nevertheless I couldn’t give up. Now we are all so happy that our family is growing. We still have to figure it out with work, step by step.

We noticed you travelled a lot between 2018-2020, what was it like when travel became less frequent for you?

I did travel a LOOOOOT at that time. Mainly to Australia, England and America. When the lockdown started I had a full month on the island which was such a luxury for me. I loved the feeling of being stuck with my family. I finally had a routine and could cook every day and be present with the girls without being ‘called off’ to do a job, but then I actually started working a month after just within Europe. I’ve basically travelled every week again since so it didn’t slow down for me but I didn’t do any long haul flights which was much better for my health and overall well being. 

And you're having another baby girl, how exciting! Tell us what it has been like being pregnant this time around!

It's been the easiest pregnancy so far! I’ve loved every minute of it. When I found out it was quite a shock as I didn’t expect it would happen so quickly after Oddy agreed on New years that we can ‘let nature decide’ if we will have another baby or not. I also had work confirmed until mid April, so I was like whaaaaaaaaat am I gonna do?! Luckily I managed to do all those jobs and didn’t get any nausea or sickness. I was just very tired from all the flying and working and being pregnant - I literally flew across the globe in that time. I didn’t really show until 19 weeks when I started to slow down a bit with work which I really needed because I was exhausted. I took some time off in May and had a little Evie and Mama holiday - five days just with her was so nice. In June I ended up working a lot again and the clients didn’t mind the little belly popping up. Then I spent six weeks with the family in England and Germany which was really, really nice and very needed because Oddy and my bond became stronger and stronger. We are at our best when we are all together but in recent years all of us didn’t spend much time together as either I was working, or he was working. The kids have a three month summer break here in Spain which can feel like forever when you have to manage it with work, but if you have the luxury of being able to spend time with them it is heaven. I love the flexibility of being out of school and love being with them all day long. 

What are your go to things to wear while pregnant?

It's been such a hot summer I haven’t worn very much! Thin cotton, airy dresses are my favourite. I love to show the belly as well. Lately I haven’t been able to get out of my bikini as it's still super hot here on the island. I only bought one pair of maternity leggings, the rest I wore my normal clothes. 

What was your favourite Spell piece that you wore on our meet up?

I totally love the Let The Sunshine In crochet number, skirt and top. Oh and the Carrie Robe

What is your go-to beauty product?

I always use a simple moisturiser, nothing fancy as my skin is quite sensitive these days. I also love the Bluem serum by Montana Lower, she’s such an inspiring mother. This summer I couldn’t live without my eyebrow gel hahahaha my eyebrows are literally bleached from the sun and I can’t dye them during pregnancy. 

What is your go-to mama item?

Body oil to give myself daily massages. I’ve been loving using Talm products.

What is the best advice you think you can pass onto your girls?

Be happy with the way you are and be kind to yourself.


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