Meet Shimma
Our Spell Active Muse

Your Insta bio reads “Yes that’s my real name”.
What inspired your name? 
My mum tells me that when she was in labour with me there was sunlight shimmering in the window and they instantly knew I was “Shimma” (with an a to be different) and it was sunrise so she made my middle name Sunrise. And as different as it is I honestly couldn’t imagine having any other name.

With such a name you’re destined to be a star!
Have you always wanted to be a model?
Firstly thank you :)! My dad was actually a model in Sydney for a long time and was quite successful and my older sister Paloma is also. So I’ve always known the ins and outs of the industry and absolutely loved fashion, but growing up I never really believed it was something I could do until people started approaching me about it, I thought I’d give it a try and fell in love with it and have been lucky enough to be a full time model for almost 4 years now.

Spell Spell

What was it like on set for our Active campaign?
Shooting with the Spell team I can honestly say was one of my all time favourite shoots. It was so amazing being surrounded by so many beautiful, strong, inspiring women who are all so passionate about making a positive change not only in the industry but in the world also. We shared so many laughs, I wore beautiful pieces, and went home feeling extremely happy with how it all went.

You move so beautifully in front of the lens.
What inspires you, and influences the way you move?
Thank you so much! I danced all through primary and high school so it’s always been a huge part of my life. I try to channel that when I’m shooting because I find movement always makes a garment it most beautiful.

Spell Spell Spell

Showing up on set before sunrise your skin was flawless! Share your skin care tips, and must have products.
You’re so sweet! Honestly I’ve tried a lot of skincare over the years and I’ve found that less is more for me. I love to cleanse my skin with Aliange daily devotion cleanser and moisturiser with Go-To very useful face cream when my skins dry and that’s usually it! Ooo actually drink lots of water!!!

What songs make you move?
I’m currently obsessed with the song Pirouette by Chiiild and also Hell n Back by Bakar always put me in the best mood.

Spell Spell Spell

Where will you be wearing your Spell Active to…
I’m absolutely obsessed with reformer pilates lately so I’ll definitely be wearing my Spell active there daily! 

Anything you’d like to share?
I’m just really happy to see a shift starting to arise in the fashion industry. Inclusivity and representation for all is the end goal but I feel blessed to be a part of the small steps that will help us to make it there.

With love to Shimma
captured by Emily Yates
for Spell Active