Spell Spell

Tell us about where you’re from – and about your Country
I’m a proud Kamilaroi Woman who was born and raised on Darkinjung Country on the Central Coast of NSW. Originally my family come from Walgett NSW.  

Talk us through your modelling journey so far…
I’ve been modelling for two and a half years now. It was always something I’d wanted to try, but once I started I couldn’t stop. I started working as a full time model at the start of this year and I really love it and I’m excited to see what the future holds. 

We spoke on set about your Aboriginality, and how you became connected to culture in your later teens.. Tell us about that journey, and what it meant.
Connecting back to my culture gave me a sense of identity, it helped me understand who I was and my place in this world, but most importantly it brought me back to my family and culture that I was disconnected from most of my childhood making me a stronger person and helping me find my voice. 

Spell Spell

You also mentioned how vocal you’ve been about Black Lives Matter before the most recent world events and it being at the forefront of everyone’s minds – what did the rise of this movement mean to you? How would this have been different for you when you were vocal before? 
To me the BLM movement was just another day. Prior to the BLM movement these issues were still very real and prevalent is today’s society. I didn’t quite understand the “trend”. I found it frustrating that it took a person from America – George Floyd – to lose his life at the hands of police and the video going viral for people in Australia to understand that this happens in their own backyard where the statistics are the same if not worse. I think it really opened a lot of people’s eyes to these issues, but it also showed the ignorance of our country and how uneducated we are around these topics. I really did see people treating it as a trend and it’s not okay because for me and my mob this is everyday life. 

What is the change you’re seeing in the fashion industry?
More representation of black models and embracing different textures of hair!


If you weren’t modelling right now.. what would you be doing?
I have absolutely no idea, but I feel I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be! 

What is inspiring you right now?
My family. 

What is your personal style like?
Recently I’ve started to invest more into my fashion, I love wearing Aboriginal owned labels. It’s another form of my activism, you don’t always have to be out in the street screaming at protests, which is something I also do and enjoy being apart of, but if walking down the street on a typical day with a jumper on that says “Always Was Always Will Be” (Aboriginal Land) makes people uncomfortable, stare and question my fashion choices, then I’m doing my part and it only makes me stronger. Spell Spell

When there’s no border restrictions, where would you want to go first?Melbourne so I can see my best friend and give him a big hug 😣 

You recently were in a shoot with your sisters – we are obsessed with these photos! Tell us about the shoot..
This shoot was shot in my own backyard up on the Central Coast and celebrated the relationship I have with my younger sisters. They are so beautiful and funny and I’m so happy they got to experience a working day in the life of their big sister. I feel it gave them some much needed confidence and inspiration especially for Lynette because she enjoys photography so for her it was cool to see behind the scenes and what it takes to get the “shot”. She recently just got a camera for her birthday so I can’t wait to see her little journey develop, and what the future holds for her. As for Barbie, I’ve lost count how many times she’s asked me when her next shoot is 😆 she loved it ! Lol

What is next for you?
Next up for me is to relocate from the Central Coast to Sydney. All my modelling work is based in Sydney and I’m ready to take it to the next level. I also want to be closer to my family my home is wherever they are. 

Anything you’d like to share?
I think I covered it all, but I had a ball shooting with Spell thank u sm ‼️💋