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Step in to the studio with local artist, Claire Mobbs

Introduce yourself…
I am a visual artist from Byron Bay raised in a local region amongst a family purposed by creative expression. I utilise acrylic paints and moulding paste to transpose abstract lines, shapes and landscapes, resulting in ethereal, texturally-engaging pieces of art. My pieces integrate earthy, pastel tones and clever simplicity which transports you into a world of warmth and serenity. 

Talk us through your journey that has led to your life now as an artist…
Ever since I was a child I have always been drawn to picking up a pencil or paint brush. Throughout school I attended many art classes. It was only until a few years ago I began illustrating again and sold my first art piece. Last year during a period of  illness I craved a creativity outlet, this where Golden Hour bloomed. I started off only selling a few pieces here and there. Later, I was invited to attend a fundraiser event where my art exhibited for the very first time. A week later I built my own website, started to create a new collection and successfully sold out in only a few days. It has now been a year, I couldn’t be happier where I am and where my future with Golden Hour is taking me.

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What are three things that fuel your creativity?
Love, Landscapes, Abstract

What inspires you?
I gain a lot of my inspiration from my travels, whether that is going overseas, going camping or even just to the beach. It doesn’t matter where I go, I just always make sure I have some form of paper and drawing utensil, incase I get a flare of creativity surging through. I want to get it down on paper ASAP! I also am so inspired by other artists, from colours to textures they are using, and keep them in mind for future reference. I love to watch other artists paint too, there is just something about it, just so soothing.

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Do you have a morning routine?
Generally, I start my day by rinsing my face and applying my zinc and eye serum so I feel bright and fresh, this is followed by coffee of course

How do you create a vibe to… create?
I have a paint playlist, this is definitely my favourite thing to list to when i create – it is all mainly old disco dancing music that makes me want to wiggle hehe

Thanks to our Gabby Smith for stepping in to the studio with Claire ~ a creative inspiration to Gabby and our team {you may have spotted some Golden Hour pieces adorning the walls of our own Lulu’s dreamy dining space!}

With love to Claire Mobbs