Fredrika Akander

What or who inspires you?

My mother, Frida Kahlo and nature...


Who is your style icon?

Malin from the Swedish show Saltkråkan.


What is your favourite meadowland style?

The Meadowland Linen Pants and Freda Strappy Maxi Dress!


Best book you have read recently?

I loved Girl, Woman, Other. Currently reading Violeta (Isabel Allendes latest).


Must visit when travelling to Sweden?

Well I gotta stay true to my roots, you have to go Västkusten- the West Coast of Sweden. I love it here, the city (Göteborg) but also the archipelago outside as well as the woods surrounding it. My perfect Gothenburg day would be breakfast at Cafe Magasinet, long walk in Änggårdsbergen Forrest and pick fresh berries and then spend the afternoon walking around the city and then finish with a dip in the ocean at night.


Any packing tips when travelling?

Always take a few things out after you finish packing- no matter how light you think you packed!


Has your style changed since becoming a mother?

Not really. I wear the same stuff as I did before but I tend to chose breastfeeding friendly stuff more (such as shirts, dresses with straps you can just pull down etc). Oh and also after 32 years of not wearing bras I now have to whilst breastfeeding or I would have milk stains on everything- I hate it!


Sunset or Sunrise?

Always always sunrise. Favourite time of the day. Fills you with hope, gratitude and humility.


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