Road Trippin’

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Festival Season 15′ by Sarah Loven of Ready, Gypset, Go

Flash back to the ‘green-carpet’ of that fash-festival mecca that is Palm Springs, winding in and out of the desert and the palm tree lined oasis of the region and beyond, so Sarah Loven takes us back to the dream of dreams when it comes to festivals! As we look down the barrel of  our own Splendour in The Grass (less than 4 weeks to go chickadees!!) we thought we’d check in with one of the US own festival princesses, Sarah Loven from Ready, Gypset, Go and pick her brains on all things festival!

Ok, so what’s your bucket list festival?
My bucket list Festival, though it’s a tough choice, probably has to be Glastonbury! I’ve always wanted to visit Europe, and I already love the music and culture in England. Glastonbury Festival is 5 days and other than just music, has dance, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret, and other arts. It’s like a festival. Also famous for it’s mud… haha!
Three things you can’t live without festival-side:
During festival I can’t survive without:  1.) The perfect sized bag- it can’t be too big or it’s heavy, and not to small or you can’t fit your essentials. Something with a soft strap that doesn’t rub your shoulder raw or get in the way while dancing. 2.) Face protection- I relied heavily on my sunglasses and a bandana to protect me from the sun and all the dust. They quickly became a staple part of my outfit, haha! 3.) Cleansing wipes! You get covered in a layer of dust and dirt, and wiping down with a cool wipe really helped keep me clean and refreshed. Especially in the heat.
One of your most amazing festival moments…
One of the most amazing festival moments I had… hard to choose just one… had to be dancing with friends at Alt-J’s performance, and sitting on my hubby’s shoulders to see above the crowd. The music had the best vibrations and the the lights just splashed over us with such beautiful colors. It was amazing to hear the band live, and now whenever I hear those songs I can remember those exact feelings being there in that moment.
 What’s your tips to surviving a Festival?
Dress comfortably and for the heat! Wear things that won’t give you funky tan lines. Wear sunblock! Stick with your friends, once you lose them, they’re gone for the rest of the day. Hydrate like crazy. Bring ONLY your essentials- carrying around a big bag is no fun!! Take tons of photos and videos to share with friends because they won’t understand how awesome it was when you try telling them. Lastly, remember to slow down and take it all in, because it goes by quickly! 
Who’s your festival icon?
 Alessandra Ambrosio is always spot on! Definitely my festival icon for 2015!