Glastonbury Days

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A couple of months back, one of our favourite festival goers of all time, Mimi Elashiry did a Glastonbury takeover for us alongside our friend Natascha Elisa! We did a little interview with her about festival life and how she prepares.

(Images by Natascha Elisa and Mimi Elashiry)

How do you pack for a festival?

I try to be organised so I have minimal luggage. I have one pair of favourite vintage boots. then I pack my outfits for each day. Something cosy to sleep in and a coat or two. also, a pair of little slides are essential for those campsite bathroom runs.

What do you carry on you at festivals?

I carry my film camera ( Contax T2 ) a spare roll of film. Perfect Potion tinted Lip balm. Peppermint oil. and if I have any pockets a little water bottle to refill.

Your favourite thing about wearing rainbow crochet?

wearing rainbow crochet is so good because A. its rainbow! Duh.  B. its comfortable and stretchy. C its warm to wear but also breathable… and D. the fringe on the arms made me feel like a birdy. it’s perfect.

What were your top three acts at Glastonbury?

We did so much exploring in the little villages and meeting interesting people that frankly we didn’t see all that many big acts!

Anderson Paak hands down!  Henrik Schwarz. If music was measured on a scale of how long you danced to it for then this DJ we found in a secret bar in the back of the festival called Josh Caffe would have taken the cake.

 I liked Craig David because it was hilarious. Only his old songs were good! haha his new music is a little poppy and Commercial for me.

Beauty product that everyone should take with them to a festival?

Peppermint oil, put a drop on your finger and then place it on your gums as it saves you chewing gum!

Tips on getting ready in a tent?

Haha, keep your bits organised (don’t throw them everywhere) and just do it!

How to do relax post-festival madness?

Eat something wholesome and nutritious, like a bowl with lentils, sweet potato, mushrooms and kale…get a good sleep in and go for a walk. Take some 5-THP it helps with natural serotonin regeneration.

Run us through your daily feed when it comes to festival – how do you stay energetic and healthy?

Depending on what is available the festival I might bring some natural protein bars and Bliss Balls (little cacao energy balls – you can make at home! by mixing dates, almond butter, cacao, maca, coconut oil, coconut shreds and anything else you fancy) which would be fine for mornings or snacks if you’re feeling like you need some sustenance, as you can’t always expect get the best quality food on site.

Glastonbury had incredible Organic stalls left, right and centre, so we ate in the festival each day. On a regular day, I tend to wait until around 11/12 when my body is physically hungry to eat breakfast. (This doesn’t work for everyone as some people are hungry when they wake up- that’s fine! But personally, I am not)

So, I would start with something nibbly and a coffee, either a bar I have brought with me, a little wholegrain muffin or a smoothie. Dinner is important especially when your dancing all night! So, this is always my most hearty meal. I usually will find something like a Curry or stir fry with rice – something filling! At Glastonbury Around 6/7pm Natascha and I would wander into the Healing Fields and each day Find something delicious. From Organic Samosas to Nourishing Bowls, Vegan Tacos and Raw Cacao balls for dinner.

I would definitely bring some little bliss balls into the festival with you if you know they don’t have any onsite – as they are the perfect little tide-me-over in between meals/when you get hungry from all that dancing late at night!

Blue Lotus Tincture is a wonderful way to get a natural buzz and feel positive and floaty – you can find it at any Happy Herb shop

In short I would say – cleanse your belly with a juice and coffee in the morning + with whatever your choice of brekkie is (everyone is so different) Make sure you have at least one solid very nutritious carbohydrate filled meal late arvo- to keep you going! and bring with you some mini natural energy filled snacks.

But most importantly KEEP HYDRATED! Lots and lots of water, and Coconut Water if you can for the electrolytes!

If you could watch any act live (dead or living!) who would it be?

I still to this day haven’t seen Bonobo live, so I’m going to go with that.

Who is your festival style inspiration? (How does one who inspires so many get inspired?!)

This is a hard question! To be honest I tend to cultivate my own unique style through little bits and pieces of inspiration I subconsciously gather and compile in the back of my mind as I walk down the street, spend time with my friends and like anyone – from random images on my feed which could be anything from vintage photography to high end editorial! I don’t have one particular icon, and I don’t “follow” any celebrities for style. Although I have always admired Cher (60s/70s) daring confidence to wear just about anything and make it look fabulous. I say that my style I Eclectic – and it certainly is, my outfits are always a mixture of vintage accessories, new pieces and things I collect on my travels. For example, in the crowd at Glastonbury I approached an Italian girl who was wearing a sequinned bucket hat and asked where she got it from – anyone can inspire me!