With Splendour quickly approaching, change up your hair looks with these three braided festival hairdos as created by our intern Asha, who has an amazing Youtube channel called Beauty By Asha. They’re all super simple, cute and will be sure to keep your hair off your face so you can still dance as much as you want in the crowd!

If you’re not as handy as Asha or if you just like to be pampered, head to our boutique during Splendour (Thursday-Saturday, 10am-1pm) to get your hair braided on us by Edwards & Co! Times and bookings are limited, see our Instagram in the coming week for full details!

Spell Spell Spell

Look 1

Step 1: Part hair in the middle and separate two one-inch sections on both sides, from the front of head to the back

Step 2: Dutch braid each of the four sections individually, only incorporating hair from the top to create a layered look

Step 3: Pull at the braids to create a more messy, effortless look

Spell Spell Spell Spell

Look 2

Step 1: Part hair in middle and dutch braid both sides of the hair

Step 2: Instead of braiding all the way down, stop at the nape of the neck to create a piggy-tail look.

Step 3: Pull at the braids to create a more messy, effortless look

Step 4 (optional): Add glitter to your part for an extra festively look!

Spell Spell Spell Spell

Look 3

Step 1: Part hair to the side and separate a large section randomly from the side of your part

Step 2: Tie rest of hair up so it doesn’t get in the way whilst you’re braiding this section

Step 3: Dutch braid the large section all the way to the end of your hair

Step 4: Take another chunk of hair from the side of the first braid and repeat steps 1,2 and 3

Step 5 (optional): Add extra mini braids in random parts of the hair

Step 6: Pull at the braids to create a more messy, effortless look

Step 7: Section off the top half of your hair, incorporating one of the braids

Step 8: Create a hair-up do by pulling the top section into a messy side bun


Check out the video below on Asha’s YouTube channel for more detailed steps on how to recreate the three boho, braided looks: