London Musings
We chatted with photographer + model Maddi Jean Waterhouse about finding inspiration, creative outlets and the art of story telling.

Tell us more about your photography work. What inspires you and the way you shoot? 

Simply wandering and capturing all the magical moments from life unfolding around me, and when I create my own little worlds and characters!

Favourite city or country to shoot in?

Spain is a home for me and will forever have a special place in my heart. Amo España!

Not only are you a creative behind the lens, but also in-front too! What was your favourite outfit from this shoot?

The Flora Tunic Dress with my cowboy boots is so me. I felt like a little fairy exploring the city!

Who are your style muses?

I'm inspired by everyone and anyone who expresses themselves authentically and whose energy shines through their style. 

We know you love the art of story telling and weaving this into your art and music. Whats it been like recording and releasing your own songs?

Music and writing were the first avenues I felt safe to express my inner world in and connect through shared experiences. That is such a gift!

What is up next for you?

I'm working on my first photo book, my bedroom floor is covered in my prints from the darkroom right now! I'm beyond excited to share its final form.

Photography Avery Swail