For the Dreamers

Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell

Images via Naomi Kent 
Photography Sam Miles
Skirt Zimmermann | Tee Ruestiic muscle tee | Jewellery Spell, the2bandits, Luv aj and Behind the Monkey | Head piece by Sportsgirl |
Boots Urban Outfitters | Tarot from Behind the Monkey

Let’s face it. Instagram is the new blogosphere… I mean as a blogger I hate to say it, but how much more readily will you comment and interact on Instagram than you do on blogs now days? And after all, to me that’s what the blogosphere was all about – interaction.

I’ve been watching Naomi’s BLOG for a while and have been wondering why she doesn’t start a personal style blog as her outfit posts and flat lays are so inspiring. But these days, why start a blog when you have an insta-blog right?! And @for_thedreamers is a perfect example of why. I contacted her when I saw this shoot featuring our Thunderstruck Crystal Cuff and asked her to send me high res images so I could share the desert scape with you all.

I still cherish this space here on our Spell blog (which started as a blogspot blog and is now housed on our Wordpress website)  it allows me to showcase images I love 870px wide – and as a super duper visual person I love my inspiration BIG! But for a daily dose of instant-fashion-inspiration I go to insta!