Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell

Native Wildflower

You’ll find her in a crowd of flowers
Silver-grey eucalypts dance and sway
The copper horizon shimmer

The Native Wildflower Rug features hand drawn Australian native flowers.
Inspired by old world Australiana, for the girl with red earth beneath her feet and flowers in her hands.
She is connected to nature in a beautiful raw and wild way.

Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell

Pastel Forest

I know a place where we can go
Where the forest meets the sea
Rosé under moody sunset skies
Everything awash in peachy pastel hues

The Pastel Forest is a best selling Wandering Folk design reimagined in soft shades.
Again featuring hand drawn flowers by Sharnee.

We chatted with Sharnee from Wandering Folk on her 5 tips for the perfect picnic

1 – Location ~  We are sunset lovers!  So picnicking in Byron hinterland to catch the last bit of light before it disappears over the mountains is our favourite, or if the weather is still, a fire on the beach at sundown is pretty perfect.
2 –  Food ~ We look for the closest deli so we can get a selection of amazing cheeses, dips and breads. We always try to make our own hummus as it reduces buying dips in plastic.
3 –  Styling ~ We love to use an old wooden crate as a little table, lots of our large cushions for comfort, dried flowers and gum leaves so they can be re-used for the next picnic and battery fairy lights for when the sun goes down and the conversions continue into the night.
4 – Wine is always a good idea for a sunset picnic, especially in our beautiful amber goblets with our favourite rosé from Down the Rabbit Hole, keeping it nice and chilled in our trendy cooler bags.

5 – Leave no trace after your picnic, always leave the place better than when you arrived.

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