DIY: Spell Sewing Kit.


DIY: Make your own Spell Sewing Kit.
By Dahli Briedis (Our youngest sister – Upcycling Queen & part time DIY’er.)

The next best thing to smelling the fairytale aroma of Spell’s Woodland Nymph candle is crafting the leftover jar into this cute little sewing kit.

Handmade pressies for my sisters go back to when I was a kid. One year, sticky taping together some toothpicks to make a jewellery box, and later orchestrating a little treasure hunt that took them around the house, the final clue revealing a needle to pop the balloons I’d hung on the mantle piece, releasing little gifts inside. I didn’t have any money so I showed my love with time and effort. Today, not much has changed. I made this DIY Sewing Kit for Lizzy when I noticed she didn’t own a single needle or thread!

How to make:

• An empty Spell candle jar – its flat top and removable plastic seal makes for the perfect pin cushion, a circle of wool felt to glue onto the inside of the seal, a handful of unspun wool for stuffing.

• I lined the lid with coloured wool and glossy unspun silk but you could use anything to spice it up like shells or dried flowers.

• Search out vintage wooden reels of cotton and old books of needles to fill the jar – op shops / thrift stores are perfect for picking up gorgeous vintage sewing supplies.

• Finally, some finishing decorations like feathers and a turquoise stone to string around the lid.

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