Spell Style Files II

Spell Spell Spell

Over the past few weeks we’ve been sneaking around the office, capturing our team wearing their fave pieces from our Cactus Rose collection. There are many more wonderful women that make our Spell world go around – but here are just a few of our lovely Spell angels and their office style.

Spelly’s personal style is the place where each collection is born. She basically creates whatever she wants to wear that season, which is why, from collection to collection there can be these random pieces that pop up – they’re just what she feels like having in her wardrobe that season! This season it was flowy, flowy, flowy! (And a bit of Chambray, embroidery thrown in of course). As a mum you’d think she’d roll in to work in sweats and a tee, but seriously she always looks so stunning, even when she’s just in her ‘Spelly uniform‘ of her Fleetwood shorts + singlet and Spell bralette.

Spell Spell Spell

As our head technical design angel she works closely with the design team to get the fits just the way we want them – and she’s also our little office hippy girl. (Sorry Anna but you are!) She’s always barefoot, floating around in crochet and something flowy or cheesecloth. She often wears Spell mixed with Free People crochet or sheer dresses. Today she’s mixing our Wild Ones kimono with our Margarita Crochet maxi dress. Spell Spell Spell

Libby is an amazon. She is also our logistics girl. If there’s a problem with the server, website or something technical we go to her. She has her finger in about a zillion other busy pies as well. She always looks incredible, even when she’s in her boyfriend jeans and a Spell singlet.

Spell Spell Spell

Clare is our newest member of the Design team, and brings with her the essence of what it is to live in Byron. Laid back, effortless, surf. She’s usually in a little pair of Tallow shorts and chunky boots or cons, a casual tee and her hair tied in a top knot. As Product Developer, she helps Spelly bring each sketch to life, with incredible attention to detail, she considers every last touch on a garment, from trims, to buttons to tassels… And she’s killer with a moodboard or pinterest board – she has some spectacular secret boards going that we reference all through the design process. Spell Spell

Our angel Em has been with us for a few years now, and her style has always stayed very true to her own. An epic combination of modern boho feminine vs squiz*, even her simplest outfits get a ‘woah‘ from the office!  She is our customer service angel/sales representative/ in-house model who manages to remain exceptionally sweet and calm – even with the hundreds upon hundreds of emails and phone calls from all our customers. Chances are, you have probably spoken to our beautiful Em with your Spell enquiry at one time or another. Spell Spell Spell

Lisa runs our entire Spell team and we wouldn’t know what to do without her! She joined us almost 2 years ago and has been a rock for Spelly and I. Whilst managing to organise everything (and everyone) on our team, she also manages to look effortlessly flawless all day, everyday. What’s with how some people can manage to look just as groomed and perfect at the end of a busy day as they did when they walked in the door. (My lippy, when or if I bother to wear it is usually smudged off and onto my coffee cup by 8.30am) She is the queen of pairing Spell  with high end or really urban labels that you wouldn’t think could match. But Lisa fuses them perfectly. Spell Spell Spell

Our girl Jaimi knows how to rock personal style! Without following trends, she remains true to herself. A fusion of floaty, beachy boho and higher end labels like Sass & Bide – she lives in long dresses, plain tee’s & ‘Jaimi’ dirty silver necklaces. Actually a lot of our ‘Cactus Rose’ collection was made especially for her, she complained to Spelly and I that we’d stopped making floaty piece that can be worn on all body shapes so we designed our Wild Ones gown, our Wild Ones knotted dress and skirt just for her. You can see here she knows how to rock a full skirt… Spell Spell

Lily joined the Spell team as an intern about a year ago. We loved her so much – we just couldn’t let her go! She’s Spelly’s right hand lady, assisting her with all things design! From research to mood boards to assisting on photoshoots. Lil has a knack for rocking vintage pieces with her Spell staples. Usually teamed with docs or dirty cons, she has a slightly grunge, 90s vibe to her and nails it, every time!

Spell Spell

Mae had to chase me down the stairs at HQ to take this photo – I am forever behind the camera and usually refuse to get in front of it! As a mum of 2 littlies I find it pretty tough these days to look stylish at work. I often run in coffee in hand, wearing my gym gear or a Spell tee and some slouchy One Teaspoon shorts. Mae captured me here in our Boho Dress a rare moment these days! Spell Spell Spell Spell

You would never believe that such a small bundle could do so much. Our little Mae is our graphic designer – she brings the visual side of our whole label to life. From newsletters, to our website, to clothing trims to almost anything that looks beautiful around the Spell world, Mae will have had something to do with it. Not only does she do all that, she is the most enthusiastic person you will ever meet, and is always willing to lend a happy helping to hand to anyone who needs it. She tends to wear whatever she wants – whenever she wants. Bra optional. Red lipstick usually.

Spell Spell Spell

Meet the other half of our customer service team, Meg. She is the sweetest thing in this world, with a wicked sense of humour. She goes above and beyond for all our customers, you’ve probably chatted to her on the phone or email if you’ve contacted us in the past 6 months. Her office style has a beautiful, feminine maturity to it, often walking up the stairs in a beautiful flowing maxi, flats and lovely tanned skin.

Spell Spell Spell

When I think of Mel, I think of that line on ‘Dont tell Mum the Babysitters Dead’ – “I’m right on top of that Rose!!” Because she is, always on top of everything. I dont know how I survived before she became our Admin Assistant.  She rocks cut offs, a tee and birkenstocks like no other (with those pins – how could she not!). She’s a beach babe really, a little blonde pocket rocket beach babe, wrapped in a Spell kimono. Spell Spell Spell

Olivia is our longest standing Spell Angel. I love telling the story of how she came to us, she started as an intern (by flying herself over from the UK because when she found us online she thought “I’m going to work there!” What a legend!) And now she runs our production, liaising with all our factories and making sure that things tick along as they should. Liv has a super keen knack for foxy office style. From jeans and leather jacket combo (she lives in our Easy Rider jacket!) to a super feminine flowy dress, always paired with her Liv boots.

Spell Spell Spell

We found Sarah in Melbourne. Which is no surprise, we always get along well with Melbourne chicks. Sarah brings all our samples to life, perfecting every sample detail before it goes to production. Her style is Melbourne meets Byron – she usually rocks a well cut blouse with some Levi cut offs and (so NOT Melbourne!) is usually barefoot in the office!