Salute the New Sunset – BTS

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Photographer Mark Choiniere | Styling Mary Myers & Julia Reeser
Model Kelley Ash
H&M Kali Kennedy
Film by Jack Belli | Music “I’m a King Bee” The Rolling Stones

Ever since discovering Novella Royale on Pursenboots (those 70s print flairs!!!!) we’ve been lusting after the whole collection and intrigued beyond words! After getting my hands on a few behind the scenes shots of their latest shoot shot on location at Dylan Rieder’s groovy house in Hollywood, I got in touch with NR designer Mary Myers and quizzed her on their new collection, the shoot and her alter ego;

The new collection in 3 words.
Paint it black

You shot the lookbook at pro skater Dylan Rieder’s house – tell us about this location?
First off, Dylan is a total babe, second, his girlfriend Erin is a total babe and both are such sweethearts. His house was the perfect backdrop for our “salute the new sunset” lb. this collection was inspired by beatniks and musicians so Dylan’s house was spot on. The house is full of crazy antiques, and is dark and mysterious just like him… the energy in the house was very intoxicating, so the whole setting really inspired the vibe of the day.

If you could hijack someones wardrobe who’s would it be?
Hmm… probably Catherine Baba or Mick Jagger ( I cant imagine what vintage tee’s might be in there!!!)

Describe your alter-ego…
She’s fast. she only wears vintage tee’s, black tights, and our Faye bloomers in lieu of pants… and smokes lots of cigarettes, which i don’t..