For Love & Lemons

Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell
For Love & Lemons Fall 2012
Photographer Zoey Grossman
Model Shanay Hall
Jewels: by Spell + more jewels from Ash’s abundant collection.
Ohh! We’ve been dying for this shoot to be released! We saw a little sneak peek a while ago and LOVED the paring of our necklace with that ethereal white gown! And now finally that we’ve feasted our eyes on the full shoot – I see we also have the pairing of our Bull ring with a budweiser!!! Love it Ash!!! hehe ; ) Also featured is our Eagle Tribe Necklace which is on sale here.
I love the story of the FL&L founders, Gillian Mahin & Laura Hall, and how they began their lifelong friendship when they were little girls in the foothills of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was here they discovered their first successful business – a lemonade stand. They quickly became the talk of the town with their high energy attitudes and unique style of lemonade. But it was less about the lemons, and more about the love… And the rest, as they say, is history.
You can see the full shoot in all it’s glory on the FL&L blog here.