Autumn’s Golden Glow

Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell

Featured in Disfunksion Magazine 
Art Direction & Photography CharleySDG
Photographer’s Assistant Mel Savic
Fashion Stylist Georgia Mellor.
Models Sarah @ Vivien’s
 Zoe @ IMG
Hair & Make-Up Luciana Rose

Shot on location in Byron Bay by Charley Greenfield and featuring a plethora of stunning local labels including Amilita, Goddess of Babylon, Pooch & Samba, Lisa’s Closet & Spell. The crazy thing is, this shoot ain’t all that far from a day in the life when you live here in Byron… Waterfalls and lounging around in rock pools are golden moments I’ve shared with loved ones, and it’s gorgeous to see it captured here in such a theatrical light. Simply gorgeous.

Oh, I almost forgot, the super cool thing is that you get to see it in print in the latest issue of Disfunkshion Magazine – available on Spell mid September.


Waterfall Zoe | Dress, Necklace & Rings: Spell Designs || Sarah Dress: Goddess of Babylon | Necklaces: Low Luv, Hunter Gatherer & Takoda Décor | Headpiece: Hunter Gatherer

Beach Zoe, Necklaces: Low luv, Hunter Gatherer & Takoda Décor | Cape: ‘Resting Bones’ by Sakuramas | Flares: Spell Designs | Bra: Amilita || Sarah, Kimono: Pooch & Samba | Dress: Spell Designs | Necklaces: Spell Designs & Hunter Gatherer

Teepee | Sarah Kimono: Lisa’s Closet |Necklaces: Spell Designs + Hunter Gatherer | Flares: Spell Designs || Zoe Kimono: Lisa’s Closet | Necklaces: Low Luv, Takoda Décor + Hunter Gatherer

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